Descendants of Robert Porter

abt 1790 - 1855
Coachbuilder of Bury St Edmunds and Lawshall Suffolk

Much of the original research on this family is the work of Wendy Humpreys, although I have repeated a good deal of it. Wendy contacted me after seeing the previous version of this website.
Three of Robert Porter's daughters married three generations of the Rickwood family. We are descended from his daughter Martha, who was married to James Rickwood.
Robert's sons Robert and Charles were Coachbuilders too. Robert and his son ,also Robert, were in Halstead Essex. Charles and his son George were Coachbuilders in Gt Bardfield Essex.
George Porter, of Gt. Bardfield, was the owner of the Pine Tool Box I found in my fathers garage. I don't know how he acquired it, but it fascinated me and started my interest in family history.

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