Family Trees

My grandparents Family Trees, produced from the most up to date GEDCOM file.

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   Ancestors of Bessie May Rickwood
   Ancestors of Lewis John Heard
   Ancestors of Thomas William Shepard
   Ancestors of Edith Mary Minchin

These ancestral trees are linked their families descendant trees and so provide a tree for everyone in my family history file. Much more information about the people in these trees, including census details marriage details etc., can be found in the journals.

Family Trees, previous version

The trees listed below are mainly accurate but were last updated in 2005. They do not feature everyone in my family history file.

Ken Heard's Family Tree
Betty Shepard's Family Tree

Thomas Heard b.1706
Charles Heard b.1792
George Heard b.1851
Robert Porter b.about 1790
John Isom b.1746
William Bradbrook b.1780
James Rickwood b.1741
Eleazer Rickwood b.1814

Edward Shepherd b. 1751
William Minchin b.1804
William Timms b.1806

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